Dia de los muertos

“Day of the Dead, Día de los muertos, November 2, is a very important feast in the life of Hispanics, especially those of Mexican heritage or those that have been influenced by the different indigenous cultures of Latin America.  It is born out of the popular Christian religious traditions and it reveals the role that death plays in life and life plays in death. The celebration takes place from October 31 to November 2. They prepare an altar where they place pictures and other mementos of the family members who are deceased.  October 31 is dedicated to the children who have died and are now considered angels of God. ”  (Raúl Gomez, SDS, September/ October 1999 Issue of GRACIAS Magazine, Liturgy Training Publication)

In front hallway of the school, the high school Spanish Club has created an altar showing all items typically in an altar.  All items have special meanings.  The celebration last three days and coincides with the Christian celebration of all Souls Day and all Saints Day.

Thank you to Spanish teacher, Mrs. Sved, for providing this information.

Great Week for Mohican Outdoor School


Thank you to Mrs. Bauer who sent these photos, taken during her visit to sixth graders on Wednesday at Mohican Outdoor School.  Looks like they are having lots of fun while learning about so many things related to nature, science, etc.

Self-Defense Skills



Mr. Jason Atwell volunteered a good part of his day a few weeks ago and visited Mrs. Husty’s  physical education classes to teach the students some self-defense skills.  Thank you to Mr. Atwell and to Mrs. Husty for sending these photos and video.

TIPS Report Incidence Button

The TIPS REPORT incident button (located on the right under Links for students/parents) allows students, parents, staff, faculty, etc. to anonymously or non-anonymously report concerning behaviors (bullying, cyberbullying, harassment, drugs, violence, threat to harm and other student safety issues) so the school safety team can improve your school’s learning environment and intervene and prevent embarrassing headlines, prevent expensive incidents and prevent lawsuits and tragedies.

Mohican Outdoor School

Sixth graders were all smiles here as they prepared to board the bus on Monday and make their way to Mohican Outdoor School for the week.  Thank you to Shawn Newton for this great photo!