Bishop Thomas Visits Deanery

Bishop Daniel Thomas visited San Juan Diego Deanery on Sunday evening with a prayer service and reception at St. Mary of the Snows Parish.  The Knights of Columbus were present and helped with directing all attendees in the reception line to personally meet the Bishop.

And look at our two favorite Franciscan Sisters pictured here, Sister Paula Bingert and Sister Bernard Marie Campbell, who were very happy to meet the new Bishop.  Thank you to St. Mary of the Snows Parish for hosting this event.

Thank you to Mr. Bill Johnson for this photo.


Child Care Center Thanksgiving Feast

Children at St. Peter’s Child Care Center enjoyed the morning on Monday “in the kitchen” and helped prepare their Thanksgiving feast.  They wore headbands and vests which they decorated themselves and were in awe while the turkey was being carved, fresh out of the oven.

Thank you to Child Care Center director, Ms. Melinda Milligan, for some of these photos.




Due to poor weather conditions, the Holiday Parade has been cancelled for today, Saturday, November 22.


Mansfield Symphony Orchestra Education Outreach

To the delight of the elementary students, four members of the Mansfield Symphony Outreach Education Program visited and entertained the students with multiple songs, along with discussion of different instruments and sounds. Thank you to these ladies for sharing their morning with us.

A Musical Week at St. Peter’s

It has been a delightful musical week at St. Peter’s School!

The junior high band members have started practicing for their Christmas concert and Mr. Friend is working with them to prepare their musical pieces–one group at a time and then all of them together.  It is a process and we will all enjoy the end result in December on concert night.