Franciscan Sisters Attend Their Last All-School Mass

Today, Thursday, August 27, marks the last day of the 144th year that the Franciscan Sisters have been at St. Peter’s Parish and School.  The first all-school Mass of the year was also scheduled for today so, appropriately, it was a Mass in celebration of the presence and service of the Franciscan Sisters.

Sister Bernard Marie and Sister Paula took their last walk to an all-school Mass held in St. Peter’s Church at 9:00 a.m. on this beautiful, sunny morning.  Seated in the pew with Sister Paula Bingert and Sister Bernard Marie Campbell was one student representative from each grade level.  The Sisters received cards, handmade notes, and special spiritual rose bouquets.  Upon their return to the convent, they placed the spiritual rose bouquets in the Sisters’ Chapel in front of the statues of Mary and St. Francis.

Thank you to Mrs. Bauer for remembering this special date and for suggesting this Mass be in celebration of the Sisters, to Father Hite, Father Jeremy and Deacon Wasiniak, to Ms. Angie Dillon and Mr. Bill Johnson and to Mr. Lew Friend and Mrs. Lori Turner and the St. Peter’s student musicians who provided music, to those others who helped with organization and to all students, teachers, staff, parents and others who attended the Mass.  How special it was for them . . . and for us!

2015 Night At The Races

Spartan Athletic Boosters invite you to join us for the 2015 NIGHT AT THE RACES at the Mid-Ohio Conference Center for an entertaining night of horsing around!!

Saturday, August 29, 6-11 p.m.
Mid-Ohio Conference Center
Doors open at 6:00 p.m.
Racing begins at 7:30 p.m.

Buffet catered by Fast Eddies Catering served 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Cash Bar featuring ales from Mansfield Distributing and assorted wines
Heads-n-Tails Games
Assorted Raffles
Betting Windows
Racing provided by Star Entertainment

Tickets $25 each, includes admission, dinner and all of the fun you can handle.
Proceeds benefit the student athletes of St. Peter School.

Welcome to the 2015-2016 School Year

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!  And thank you to Mr. Todd Tridico from Tridico Silk Screening and Sign, and his assistant, Sam, for posting the new school mission for St. Peter’s.

St. Peter’s School
Mission and Belief Statement

St. Peter’s School community strives to create an environment of academic excellence built upon Catholic spirituality and service. We seek to establish a challenging learning environment with high expectations while recognizing individual differences and learning styles. We are a community of St. Peter’s families, staff, and parishioners who are actively involved in our students’ learning.

In keeping with this statement, St. Peter’s School community believes it…

will achieve academic excellence by:

  1. acquiring critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary for lifelong learning
  2. cultivating learning experiences that support individual students’ strengths and needs
  3. encouraging each student to reach his full potential

will practice Christian spirituality by:

  1. understanding the doctrines of the Catholic Church
  2. modeling the teachings and evangelizing processes of Jesus through prayer, study, work, community service and sacramental life
  3. nurturing personal faith through the study of Scripture and the reception of the Sacraments

will prepare to be of service to the world by:

  1. recognizing and utilizing the unique gifts given by God to each person
  2. practicing Christian values through philanthropic work
  3. contributing to society by being responsible citizens



The St. Peter’s Respect Life committee is hosting a SAVE a CHILD prayer vigil outside the Planned Parenthood of Mansfield on Saturday, August 22 from 9 – 11 a.m. at 384 Park Avenue West.

The prayer service will raise awareness about the trafficking of aborted baby body parts by Planned Parenthood.

The recently released videos from the Center for Medical Progress expose Planned Parenthood’s role in the trafficking of human organs, tissues and body parts. Through these videos we have become witnesses to the exploitation of our defenseless and innocent unborn brothers and sisters. Let us stand with one voice as we demand an end to all government funding of Planned Parenthood.

We will conclude the vigil with the Rosary. The Bishop of the Toledo Diocese, Daniel E. Thomas invites us to take up the rosary for marriage and the family. We will be joining the National 54 Day Rosary Novena and will have the “Bishop’s Traveling Rosary” with us. This Traveling Rosary will make its way through all 19 counties of our diocese, visiting a different Catholic School each day. The power of the holy rosary cannot be underestimated!

S – Stop all government funding of Planned Parenthood.
A – Abortion Funding from corporations must be ended by boycott
V – Volunteer your time, talent and treasure to make a difference
E – Educate, family, friends and culture regarding life and family.

For more information, contact Terry Leedy (419) 512-0074

Part IV: Reflections on the Same Sex Marriage Ruling

millerBy Fr. Jeremy Miller
*This is the fourth in a series of five articles on same-sex marriage.  For the other articles in this series, check out Part I, Part II & Part III.

Doesn’t everyone have the right to marry? Isn’t this an equality issue? Isn’t same-sex marriage a civil right? Is not this debate over same-sex marriage parallel to the debate over the 1960’s fight over interracial marriage? Isn’t anyone who opposes same-sex marriage a bigot?

While the right to marry has been clearly espoused by the United Nations’ Universal Declaration on Human Rights, as well as a number of times by the U.S. Supreme Court, what is also clear is that this is not the right to marry anyone. In fact, in all of the cases in which it is mentioned, the presumption is that it guarantees the right to marry one person of the opposite sex. Prior to about 1990, the right to marry someone of the same sex would not have even been reasonably considered by a Justice of the Supreme Court. So while the Fourteenth Amendment might legitimately include marriage under the umbrella of “liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” the presumption is that this right is exercised within traditional marriage because of the societal implications.

There is certainly a natural right to marry that is part of the human desire for love, communion, stability, and progeny. However, the state has always recognized limitations to this right. One does not have a right to marry an immediate family member. One does not have a right to marry someone under a certain age. One does not have the right to marry multiple people. Thus, this right to marry is not absolute. There are restrictions placed on this right based on what is good for children and what is good for society as a whole.

Working for “equality” is certainly fashionable today. Nothing upsets Americans more than being told that they cannot do something. However, along with this noble desire to be equal must be the desire to understand what “equality” means. Equality is not equivalency. Equality means treating the same things the same and different things differently. As I have tried to show in these articles, man-woman marriage is something fundamentally different than same-sex unions. Since we are dealing then with apples and oranges, it is not discrimination or a violation of “equal treatment” to refuse same-sex marriage. Just like it is not discrimination to deny a blind person the right to drive, so it is not discrimination to deny same-sex couples the right to marry.

One of the most common claims I hear on this issue is that same-sex marriage is a civil rights issue, akin to the civil rights movement of the 1960’s, and even more specifically the debate over interracial marriage. These claims, however, simply do not stand up to scrutiny. First of all, if any group should know what constitutes a civil rights issue, it should be the African American community. However, when the same-sex marriage issue came before the state of California in Proposition 8, about 70% of African Americans voted against same-sex marriage. Thus, the majority of African Americans, who arguably know discrimination more than any other American group, do not associate this issue with their own fight for civil rights.

Further, there is a significant difference between the interracial marriage debates of the 1960’s and the same-sex marriage debate today. The opponents of interracial marriage were misguided in making race a criterion for marriage because race in no way impedes the procreative orientation of marriage. In fact, it was precisely the fear that interracial marriages would produce children and confuse racial purity that interracial marriage was opposed. The antagonists of interracial marriage conceded that marriage is for children; they simply were opposed to the idea of interracial children. The argument against same-sex marriage is a completely different argument. While race has nothing to do with the procreative orientation of marriage, gender has everything to do with it.

Sexual complementarity is a prerequisite for marriage, whereas racial sameness is not. All of this leads to the unfortunate designation of those who oppose same-sex marriage as bigots. Most people draw the line somewhere concerning marriage. If you support same-sex marriage but oppose polygamy, are you not a bigot from the perspective of the polygamist? This debate should be a reasoned dialog, free of name-calling, about the essential purpose of marriage for society.

Millennia of human beings, even as recent as twenty years ago, shared this viewpoint as the majority opinion. For those of us who still share it, that perspective should be tolerated and not cast aside as bigotry.

References: “Rebuttals to arguments for same-sex marriage: Examining the most common arguments for redefining marital unions…and understanding why they are flawed” by Brandon Vogt
The Ruth Institute –

Next week’s question: How does faith in Christianity change or add to this discussion on same-sex marriage? If same-sex attraction has some genetic predispositions, doesn’t that mean that God created it? Doesn’t Jesus just want us to love other people? What if someone wants to follow Christ and yet struggles with same-sex attraction.