Mansfield Catholic Cemeteries

For centuries Catholics have been given the privilege of being buried in the consecrated ground of our cemeteries.

The Catholic parishes of the Mansfield area manage two cemeteries encompassing more than 60 acres of land.  Mansfield Catholic Cemetery is adjacent to Mansfield Cemetery on Alatomt Ave.  In 2002, Prince of Peace cemetery opened on the east side of Mansfield.  

The parishes manage the Catholic cemeteries and are overseen by a committee with representatives from St. Peter, St Mary, and Resurrection Parish.

The goal of the Mansfield Catholic Cemeteries Committee is to establish a self-sustaining perpetual fund for the long-term care of our cemeteries.   Your donation to the Cemeteries Fund will help make sure the final resting place for Mansfield Catholics remains well cared for in years to come.