High School

High School

The academic program at St. Peter’s School seeks to meet the needs of all students.  Our program combines a rigorous, classic liberal arts education with a curriculum and programs that equip our students for any vocation, academic or career objective.  At St. Peter’s every student is afforded a maximized opportunity to achieve their fullest potential.

More than 95% of graduating seniors continue their academic careers in college or university.  Many students start that journey by participating in the College Credit Plus program, which allows students to earn college credits while still in high school.

St. Peter’s also gives students the opportunity to develop their own leadership and teamwork skills.  Students have ample opportunity to participate in school organizations, service clubs, the arts, and athletics programs. 

The Small School Advantage

As a pre-K-12 school, we believe that St. Peter’s students are part of one Spartan family.  While a good portion of our students come through our primary grades, many join us as new students in seventh and ninth grades.  

Students at St. Peter’s have a great advantage with low student-teacher ratios and a strong emphasis on individual and group instructions.

  • 2020 graduates earned almost $2.4 million in college scholarships - an average of $74,000 per student.
  • ACT & PSAT scores rank above the state and national averages.
  • St. Peter's has a very diverse and inclusive student body.
  • Average class size 15

Spiritual Growth

St. Peter’s High School assists students as they grow into mature and responsible Christians. The school organizes and implements activities that focus on spiritual values through:

  • Theology ClassFreshman - Bible Study; Sophomore: Prayer/Sacraments/Church History; Juniors: Christian Morality/Peace/Justice; Seniors: Relationships, Marriage & Family
  • Worship: Students invited to praise God within the context of weekly school liturgies and prayer services.
  • Retreats: Each class participates in an annual day of retreat to strengthen a Christian school community atmosphere. The seniors attend a four-day/three-night retreat.

Everything we do prioritizes cultivating our most important relationship: our relationship with our Lord.

Curriculum Requirements 

Students must meet the following for graduation from St. Peter’s High School and Junior High.  A total of 25 credits are required for graduation.

 In addition to our rigorous core curriculum, St. Peter’s also offers a substantial number of electives including band, choir, art, sign language, Spanish, computer science, and more. We also regularly adjust and improve our course offerings. In the past two years, we have added courses in Advanced Physical Education, Creative Writing, Introduction to Computer Science, and AP Language and Composition.

Course Required Courses Credits
Theology Theology (1-4) 4 credits
English   4 credits
Science Physical Science
Anatomy, Chemistry or Physics
3 credits
1 credit
1 credit
1 credit
Social Studies Social Studies (1)
Social Studies (2)
Social Studies (3) or AP American Government
Social Studies (4) or AP American History
4 credits
1 credit
1 credit
1 credit
1 credit
Mathematics   4 credits
Health   1/2 credit
Physical Education   1/2 credit
Fine Arts   1 credit
Speech   1/2 credit
Electives   3.5 credits

Christian Service Program

Community Service is an integral part of being a student at St. Peter’s School.  It is expected that what the students learn in theology and other classes and in the home will be put into practical application and use. 

There is a quarterly evaluation of the students’ service projects, and it is required for students to be eligible for extracurricular activities. Annual participation in this service program is a requirement for graduation.  High school students are expected to complete 40 hours of service, ten per quarter of each school year.  Junior high students are expected to complete 20 hours of service, five per quarter.  They may earn half of their yearly requirement during summer vacation if they so choose. 

College Credit Plus

The College Credit Plus program permits high school students to complete college or university course work for high school and college credit. This broadens the range of choices through which qualified students may complete requirements for high school graduation. Some students enrolled in this program complete coursework at The Ohio State University, Mansfield Campus.

The College Credit Plus Program provides a unique opportunity to allow high school students to get a jump start on their college credits.  St. Peter’s High School encourages student participation in this state-funded program.

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