Grades 6, 7 & 8

Middle School

Starting with the 2023-24 school year, St. Peter’s is launching a new middle school program for students in sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade.  This academic unit will provide a unique educational, social, spiritual, and behavioral experience tailored to this age group.

The Middle School Experience

Research consistently shows that academic and social outcomes in middle school are actually a greater predictor of college and career success than achievement in high school.

“Eighth-grade students’ academic achievement has a larger impact on their readiness for college by the end of high school than anything that happens academically in today’s high schools.”

The Forgotten Middle, p. 11

St. Peter’s believes it is critical that our middle school students are given the time, space, attention and resources they need to be fully prepared for high school and college.

St. Peter’s Middle School is a self-contained unit on the third floor of the high school building.  It includes several refreshed classrooms, a science lab, homework space, an honors lounge, space for hands-on learning, a community meeting space, and a chapel. 

Students’ core courses will take place in thoughtfully designed spaces appropriate for their developing minds, bodies, and social dynamic.  When our middle school students do leave the third floor for band, art, gym, choir, and lunch, they will be supervised. As students mature and make good choices, they will have the ability to earn privileges that will increase their independence and reinforce the values we are teaching.


Our middle school will feature an enhanced curriculum that will allow for both remediation and honors courses (including Latin). This middle school will also focus closely on building the habits, skills, and behaviors that lead to lifelong success.

St. Peter’s Middle School will be intentionally structured to teach, reinforce, encourage, and reward positive behaviors and choices. Training in virtues, character, leadership, and even life skills will be embedded in the school day. Again, research shows that fostering and teaching certain behaviors and habits in middle-school students, such as motivation, respect, independence, social connectedness, consistent school attendance, obedience, self-discipline, homework completion, and positive relationships with school personnel, greatly enhance the likelihood of success in high school and college.

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