New Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Andy Zmecek

Mr. Andy Zmecek

St. Peter’s High School is very excited to have Mr. Andy Zmecek as our new high school and junior high theology teacher. 

Mr. Zmecek just graduated this spring from Walsh University, double majored in Education with an emphasis on Adolescent and Young Adult English, and English, with a minor in Theology and Philosophy.

He is teaching our seventh, eighth, ninth, and eleventh graders this year.  Mr. Mike Mulherin is still teaching senior theology and Mrs. Nicole Chambers, who was Charlie’s long-term sub last spring is leading the sophomore class.

St. Peter’s has invested in new textbooks including a series on the Theology of the Body. However, for the first few weeks of the school year, the textbooks are still on the shelf. It’s Mr. Zmecek’s goal to learn more about the students’ basic knowledge of their faith and where they are on their personal faith journey.

A native of Seven Hills, Ohio, Mr. Zmecek is very excited to be part of the faculty at St. Peter’s and is looking forward to teaching our Catholic faith to our students.