St. Peter’s School released this week the names of the students who achieved honor roll status for the third quarter of the 2020-21 school year. Students with an asterisk after their name achieved straight “As.” Students who achieved a 4.0-grade point average are also noted in the list. Overall, 44% of St. Peter’s School students in Grades 5-12 achieved academic honors.

Twelfth Grade

Class of 2021

Cecelia Baldasare
Caden Brubaker* (4.0)
Cara Brubaker* (4.0)
Charles Couch* (4.0)
Grant Farragher* (4.0)
Albree Grose* (4.0)
Kennedy Hatfield
Isabella Kern* (4.0)
Zachary Newton*
Alayna Rickly
Julia Rizzo*
Celeigh Roberts*
Teaira Ross
Katherine Schonhardt
Izabella Smith
Emily Tanchevski* (4.0)

Second Honors
Emilee Bodnar
Donavon Duncan
Katherine Elliott
Gavin Foltz
Madalynn Yeager

Eleventh Grade

Class of 2022

First Honors
Madison Bays* (4.0)
Jacob Culp
Alexander Garcia
Makayla Hall
Zachary Keffalas
Ahmani Mitchell
Kendall Nolen* (4.0)
Bryan Phillips
Danielle Powell*
Ross Pruettmiller
Corey Schenkelberg
Malaki Stanfield
Natalie Tanchevski* (4.0)
James Williams
Kellen Young*

Second Honors
John Harris
Alana Mitchell
Isaac Stampfli
Nakyrah Williams

Tenth Grade

Class of 2023

First Honors
Adrian Allen* (4.0)
Peyton Bodnar
Gianni Bonham*
Mahala Boothe
Alyssa Carroll* (4.0)
Audrey Couch*
Grace Dix* (4.0)
Kanija Green
My’kia Letlow
Kiersten Pitcher
Sean Putt
Logan Rhodes
Andrew Wendt
Dominic Wendt

Second Honors
Erin Belmer
MaKenna Coontz
Griffin Crutchfield
Makenzie Hardin
Dejah Hiltman
Natalie VanDyne

Ninth Grade

Class of 2024

First Honors
Camryn Beauford*
Caelyn Brubaker* (4.0)
Katherine Bryant
James Jerger
Tamera Lindsay* (4.0)
Analina McCabe* (4.0)
Zora Mills* (4.0)
Josephine Reef* (4.0)
Gisele Ward* (4.0)
Trinity Withrow-Gremling* (4.0)

Second Honors
Ta’Niya Chism
Elijah Evege

Eighth Grade

Class of 2025

First Honors
Magnolia Chamberlin* (4.0)
Callina Francis* (4.0)
Blade Hedrick* (4.0)
Sania Jefferson
Joshua Laux* (4.0)
Madison Osborne
Sydney Phillips
Sydney Rizzo* (4.0)
Kelly Wolboldt* (4.0)

Second Honors
Rayden Baltazar
Carter Fesler
Lamy’yah Lindsay
Nicholas Osborne

Seventh Grade

Class of 2026

First Honors
Aryah Beauford
Tiffany Clemons* (4.0)
Nadia DeVall
Conner Fournier*
Olivia Laux* (4.0)
Braylon Patterson
Heaven Taylor

Second Honors
Xavier Calloway
Brooklyn Jackson
Natalie Lindsey
Ian Pitcher
Chelsea Williams

Sixth Grade

Class of 2027

First Honors
Madelyn Yoha*
Abigail Farragher

Second Honors
Kendyll Renz
Callahan Cavanaugh

Fifth Grade

Class of 2028

First Honors
Quinn Chamberlin
David Crundwell
Remington Hedrick*
Jamarr Norris
Madeline Levron*
Trinitee Taylor

Second Honors
Dominic Stoner
Skylar Pitzen