St. Peter’s School is pleased to announce the names of the students who achieved honor roll status for the first quarter of the 2022-23 school year. Students with an asterisk after their name achieved straight “As.” Students who achieved a 4.0-grade point average are also noted in the list. 67% of St. Peter’s School students in grades 3-12 achieved academic honors.

Twelfth Grade

Class of 2023

First Honors
Adrian Allen* (4.0)
Erin Belmer*
Gianni Bonham
Mahala Boothe
Alyssa Carroll* (4.0)
MaKenna Coontz
Audrey Couch* (4.0)
Griffin Crutchfield
Grace Dix* (4.0)
Kanija Green
Sarah Hahn*
Kienna Johnson
Gavin Mawhorr
My’Kia Letlow
Hailea Montanez
Kiersten Pitcher*
Logan Rhodes*
Natalie VanDyne

Second Honors
Peyton Bodnar
Angelo Gasper
Makenzie Hardin
Zhoimare Hill
Feree Kent
Mik’a Letlow
Andrew Wendt
Dominic Wendt

Eleventh Grade

Class of 2024

First Honors
Caelyn Brubaker*
Elijah Evege*
Tamera Lindsay
Analina McCabe* (4.0)
Zora Mills* (4.0)
Josephine Reef* (4.0)
Jerry Thompson
Gisele Ward* (4.0)
Trinity Withrow-Gremling* (4.0)

Second Honors
Emelia Lindsay
Jonathan Zartman

Tenth Grade

Class of 2025

First Honors
Amelia Auchard
Kaylee Bond
Civante’ Catchings
Magnolia Chamberlin* (4.0)
Calina Francis*
Elina Gilland* (4.0)
Joshua Laux* (4.0)
James Thompson
Kelly Wolboldt* (4.0)

Second Honors
Rayden Baltazar
Lillian Colarosa
Jack Thompson
Nevaeh Trammell

Ninth Grade

Class of 2026

First Honors
Aidan Boothe
Tiffany Clemons* (4.0)
Conner Fournier* (4.0)
Grady Heichel*
Ahzirrea Hill
Ni’Ahana Lane* (4.0)
Olivia Laux* (4.0)
Tia Pickett
Ian Pitcher*
Heaven Taylor

Second Honors
Nadia DeVall
Brooklyn Jackson

Eighth Grade

Class of 2027

First Honors
Callahan Cavanaugh
Abigail Farragher
Is’Zabell Wilson

Second Honors
Keeli Barry
Ta’Neyah Hammock

Seventh Grade

Class of 2028

First Honors
Quinn Chamberlin*
Kenzingtyn Couch
David Crundwell
Isabella Deel*
Savanna Francis* (4.0)
Madeline Levron
Skylar Pitzen
Trinitee Taylor
Julianna Williams*

Second Honors
Kamarion Brookins
Janessa Elliott
Esten Lee
Nylah Lindsay

Sixth Grade

Class of 2029

First Honors
Landon Jones
Azariyah Robertson
Elizabeth Whatman*
Aubrey Vega

Second Honors
Athena Bryant
Benjamin Cuttitta
Keiantate Melton
Kristin Prendergast
Taraji Smith

Fifth Grade

Class of 2030

First Honors
Sophia Deel
Liam Jones
Talie LeFebvre
Connor O’Neil
Liliana Richlovsky* (4.0)
Rayna Smith*

Second Honors
Aidyn Stoner
Angel Taylor
Amelia Unger
Arianna Vega-Gibson
Israel Yeboah

Fourth Grade

Class of 2031

First Honors
Brayden Anderson
Brynleigh Ball
Kaitlyn Baker
Timothy Blamer* (4.0)
Jacob Bonte
Nolan Bramlage
Kendra Corl
Katharine Crundwell*
Bentley Jones
Amarie Minard*
Chloe O’Neil
Gianna Rohl* (4.0)

Second Honors
Isabella Boor
Morgan Lee
Ethan Schwab
Raya Smith
Zoey Thomas
Madilynn Zickefoose

Third Grade

Class of 2032

First Honors
Thalia Fulk
Aire’yanah Jones
Lucas Keinath
Jay’Sean Lindsay
Brea’on Reynolds
Ella Odom
Jacob Taylor* (4.0)
King Spivey
Aubrey Stafford

Second Honors
Vincent VanBuren

Saint Peter’s School is a community of grace and strives for excellence in all we do. This school year, the administration and faculty are intentionally increasing academic rigor for our students.

The school has also launched a new gifted and talented program for students who are high achievers in math and reading. New courses have been added to the high school and junior high curriculum, including AP Human Geography, 7th Grade Honors English, and Latin. St. Peter’s has also partnered with Ashland University to offer a college-level study skills course which is required for all sophomores.

In addition to the new programs, the school has added additional resources to help students recover from the COVID-19 learning gaps in math and reading while instilling the skills and habits that build academic success.

“We are extremely proud of our students’ commitment to learning, said Head of School Laurie McKeon. “Every single day, we expect greatness from our students and dedicated faculty. Our staff works diligently to help each student achieve their potential. We are off to a very strong start this year – academically, spiritually, and morally. We will continue to challenge and support our students as they grow to be scholars, leaders, and stewards.

If parents or guardians are interested in learning more about how St. Peter’s School can challenge their students to find their inner greatness, they can contact Jason Crundwell at 419-524-2572 x2125 or email [email protected]. Transfer opportunities are still available for students this school year.